I've been meaning to update this planning bio, and get started blogging, but 1) I never managed to get around to it, and 2) I didn't really know what on earth I would really have to talk about that might possibly be interesting to other folks.  

Then it came time to start dealing with The Invitation Question, and I found all these great bios and blogs written by other Knotties (and non-Knottie brides).   They have been, and continue to be, incredibly helpful resources to me in my DIY journey.  So I raise a virtual glass to you all, especially squirrly, Buttercuppity, BriannaNichole, and Heather (author of Road to the Aisle), and thank you for your inspiration and instruction!

*While the title of this post is appropriate in its own right, it also references the most common reaction Paul and I received when we announced our engagement, nearly seven years to the day when we first met.

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